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    2. Switching power supply,Temperature and humidity controller,Indoor high-voltage charged display,Electronic power module,Wall switch-Yueqing Leyu Electric Automation Co Ltd
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      we own more than 15 years experience engineers

      News source: Yueqing Leyu Electric Automation co.,Ltd.         Time: 2012-11-7         Views: 1392
           we own more than 15 years experience engineers, supply new products design ,sales, technical service .As an ISO9001 company ,Leyu equipped with aduomced production technology and exceuent testing apparatus..Agglomerates a group of employees of high quality and cooperative spirit.we succeeded in achieving some safety certification such as CE RoHS CCC .Quality management is the life of our company ,Devoting to building a good brand,we always have a true attitude of creation and innovation ,For all clients,we afford a good Leyu brand and complete service .

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